#2000 Pie Iron Recipe Book
by Richard O’Russa
64 pgs, 5½” x 8½”
UPC 0-29794-20068-7 ISBN 0-9755059-0-4
In this book, Richard explores the world of Pie Iron cooking with recipes covering all makes and models from round and square to double. From homemade Tuna Burgers to Cuban Sandwiches, if you can fit it between two slices of bread, you can bet that Richard has tried it. Beyond just sandwiches and pies, the author shows the incredibly versatility and imagination of Pie Iron cooking with unique recipes such as Falafel and Pesto Calzone. Our best selling book.


#2011 Creative Pie Iron Cooking ~ 100 award winning recipes
compiled by Richard O’Russa
64 pgs, 5½” x 8½”
UPC 0-29794-20114-1
ISBN 0-9755059-9-8

Over the past 10 years, Rome has sponsored a pie iron recipe contest that has resulted in an amazing collection of original, homegrown recipes. The recipes in this book contain the best of the best and were all personally selected by the founder of Rome, Richard O'Russa.


#1998 Pie Iron Storage Bag
Finally a convenient way to travel with and store your treasured convenient colelction of Rome pie irons. Meauring 30" x 10" and made from canvas, the storage bag will easily hold 3 - 4 pie irons.
30" x 10"

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