Dinner's over, dusk has passed, the moon has started its arc in silence.
The family sits around the campfire. Stories are told. You've found the
perfect log to sit on. Now the job is to find that balance between being
chilled by the nighttime air & too hot from the fire. "It must be midnight",
you think excitedly, but it's probably only 8:30. Someone brings up the
subject of dessert. What else needs to be said? Mom & dad pull out the
Pie Irons and the ritual begins.

This memory could be from the mid-60s or last weekend. It's a tradition shared
by generations of campers that we're pleased to uphold today with our full line of
original Pie Iron sandwich cookers which we've proudly produced since 1964.

Below are some details on the complete range of Rome pie irons organized by
use and material.For purchasing info, please go to the Where To Buy page.
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Camping - Firepit - Fireplace Use
The following designs are specifically made for open fire use. They feature extra long handles to keep the user a safe distance from the fire and are secured to the cast iron pie molds with metal pins to insure that the rods do not disconnect from the cooker during use.


#1005 Camp Bread Baker - Cast Iron
Rome's bread baker is a unique cast iron cooking device which allows you to bake a wide variety of quick or leavened breads in only 10 minutes. To us, simply butter the cavity and fill half way with dough and cook over a moderatly hot fire. Also great for cooking wraps, roll-ups and burritos. Also great for sausages.
12" long x 1½" deep cooking cavity. 30" overall length


#1405 Waffle Iron - Cast Iron
Camp breakfast doesn't have to be granola and a banana. Treat the crew to fresh and fluffy waffles cooked in Rome's quality cast iron waffle iron. Designed in the long-handled style of our Pie Irons for easy open fire cooking. Cooks nice sized 3 ¼" x 6" waffles.
3 5/8" x 6 ½" Head; 30" overall length. Weight: 4.25 lbs

  #1505 Wilderness Hamburger Griller - Cast Iron
A great way to cook burgers chops & chicken over a campfire without the complications and hassles of using large grill grates. All you do is fill the cast iron cavity with meat, close the lid, lock the hinge & hold over a roaring fire. The slotted casting simulates grill grate cooking and allows for excess fat to drip away from the meat. 4 ¼" dia. Head; 28" overall length. Weight: 2.25 lbs

#1525 Double Burger Griller - Cast Iron
Nothing says a cookout like grilling burgers. If you’re picnicking at a local park that too often means using the dirty grill grate provided at the site. Not a lot of fun. By using our cast iron double burger cooker you can just place our grill on top of the grate or simply hold it over the fire. Easy to use, just open the hinged grill cavity, form the patties to fit (about 1/3 lb each), close/lock the cooker and you’re ready to go.
8" w x 4" cooking head; 28" overall length. Weight: 4 lbs
UPC 0-29794-15256-6. case pack is 6

  #1605 Double Pie Iron - Cast Iron
The big daddy of pie irons. Our double sized cast iron allows you to maximize the cooking versatility. Two grilled sandwiches at a time are a breeze. Also perfect for calzone, fish, pastys, chops and quick breads. Since it's cast iron you can let it cook in the coals like a dutch oven. Each side of the cooker also serves as a small skillet.
4 ½" x 8 ½ " Head, 28" overall length. Weight: 5.25 lbs
  #1705 Square Pie Iron - Cast Iron
The classic, best selling Pie Iron loved by camp cookers throughout North America. The generous cooking cavity makes terrific sandwiches and deserts without wasting bread. Solid cast iron design holds up to the rigors of the campfire.
4 ¼" x 4 ½" Head; 28" overall length. Weight: 3.10 lbs
  #1805 Round Pudgy Pie Iron - Cast Iron
As much as people love the traditional square design, there is a vocal crowd of passion for our round Pie Iron. It's all in the way the cooker seals the food. Locking in flavors whether it's a hamburger, quick bread or dessert. With a sandwich, the round design crimps the corners of the bread to form a firm seal (similar to ravioli.)
4 ¼" dia. Head; 28" overall length. Weight: 2.5 lbs
  #1905 Dog n' Brat/Cornbread Cooker - Cast Iron
Beer dogs, brats & onions, grilled sausages? You Betcha! The Dog n' Brat/Cornbread Cooker lets you cook 'em all over the fire while sealing in the juices. The cooking cavity holds 3 at a time. Cornbread and other quick breads are simple to make as well. With our cast iron design, you'll get the meat sizzling without being charred by the exposure of open flame.
3 5/8" x 6 ¼" Head, 30" overall length. Weight: 4.75 lbs
  Cast Aluminum Designs

#700 Square Sandwich Cooker - Cast Aluminum
#700-T Square Sandwich Cooker w/Teflon - Cast Aluminum

39 years of experience goes into this Rome sandwich cooker. Our basic square design makes big sandwiches and wastes no bread. Made from easy to hold, easy to clean cast aluminum. Available with or without non stick coating.
4 ¼" x 4 ½" Head; 28" overall length. Weight: 1.85 lbs

Rome's #700 & 700-T  Square Aluminum
  #808 Round Pie/Sandwich Cooker - Cast Aluminum
#808-T Round Pie/Sandwich Cooker w/Teflon - Cast Aluminum

People love round sandwich cookers for the way they crimp the bread and form a nice seal around the edge. Made using even heating, cast aluminum. Available with or without non stick coating.
4 ¼" dia. Head; 28" overall length. Weight: 1.67 lbs
Rome's #808 & #808-T Round Aluminum Cooker
  #1200-T Double Sandwich Cooker w/Teflon - Cast Aluminum
Why not "supersize" your next grilled sandwich or dessert with the double sandwich cooker. Twice the cooking space allows for much wider recipe versatility. Use each side of the cooker as a small skillet. Cast aluminum with non stick coating.
8 ¼" x 4 ½" Head, 28" overall length. Weight: 3 lbs
Rome's #1200-T Double Aluminum Cooker
  BBQ - Gas Stovetop Use
The following designs are designed specifically for use on a BBQ grill, a gas stove top or two-burner campstove.. They feature the same quality cast iron molds, but have shorter handles for ease of use on a stove or BBQ where longer handles just get in the way of the cook and serve no real purpose.

These designs also have 16" screw off rods for easier cleanup. Normally for use on a campfire you would want the rods to be securely pinned to the cooker, but since these designs are for the BBQ, the rods do not have to deal with the same rigors.

#1100 Old Fashioned Waffle Iron - Cast Iron
Before electric cooking devices were common, cast iron waffle irons were the standard and used on stoves, open fires and woodstoves. With a nod to the nostalgia of the past, Rome's waffle iron makes big waffles in the traditional round shape. The two sides of the iron connect using our famous hinge system for secure use and easy cleanup.

6 ¾" diameter cooking head. 10" overall length


#1028 Chuck Wagon Waffle Iron - Cast Iron
The chuck wagon waffle iron makes 6" diameter round waffles and is designed for use on grills, campfires and firepits (when placed on a flat surface such as a grill grate.) The waffle iron features 16" wood and steel handles that are removable for easy cleanup & stroage.

6 ¾" diameter cooking head. 23" overall length


Cast Iron Jaffle Irons
#1105 Square Australian Style Jaffle Iron - Cast Iron
In Australia and Indonesia, jaffle irons are the tool of choice for making snacks and toasted sandwiches over charcoal briquets or the stovetop.

Our Square design has 16" detachable handles and is 22" overall length - a perfect size for bbq or stovetop use. Cooking surface is 4 3/8" x 4 5/8".


#1205 Round Australian Style Jaffle Iron - Cast Iron
Our round jaffle literally seals in the flavor when making sweet or savory treats.

The Round Jaffle has 16" detachable handles and is 22" overall length - perfect size for bbq or stovetop use. Cooking surface is 4 3/8" diameter.


#1305 Panini Press - Cast Iron
Rome's Panini Press makes cafe style Italian sandwiches ease, style & verve. To use simply place your sandwich insude the open cavity of the cooker, close the lid and place on a BBQ grill or stovetop burner. After a few minutes flip the panini press over and continue cooking until the sandwich is hot and toasted. Made from solid cast iron and features a generous 8" x 4" cooking surface for use with a wide variety of specialty breads.

The only panini press available for use on a BBQ or Stovetop
Click HERE for more info on our Panini Press

Rome's #1305 Panini Sandwich Press
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