Handmade Keneishi Camp Brushes From Japan Now Available

We're pleased to be offering two natural fiber brushes for use around the campsite. We've added these camp accessories because we like using them and want to share them with other like minded campers.

The brushes are made by the Yamamoto Katsunosuke Shoten company (Also known as Keneishi). They're a family run business who have been making brushes and brooms by hand in Wakayama Japan since 1880.

Made from natural hemp palm fibers and wrapped in copper wire, these brushes are eco-friendly, durable and handy.

The two brushes we sell are both small and compact for easy carry on your next adventure

Our all around camper brush is 12" overall length x 5" wide.
It has a bamboo handle and hanging strap. We use this for cleaning off picnic tables, camp kitchen areas, RV stovetops etc.. Also great for brushing out soot in a wood stove or hearth. 

Our mini brush is 6" long and weighs under an ounce. Clean off prep areas and cutting boards, Remove  food from pots and crumbs from around a 2 burner camp stove etc... One of our favorite uses is for coffee ground cleanup when making coffee and espresso.

These brushes are a nice companion to our natural fiber cast iron pie iron cleaning brush which is also handmade in Japan.
2 Sizes Of Keneishi Japanese Brushes