Rome's Round Jaffle Cast Iron Pie Iron #1205
Round Jaffle Cast Iron Pie Iron open angle view
Round Jaffle Cast Iron Pie Iron closed top view

Round Jaffle Cast Iron Pie Iron - Original By Rome - Short Handles

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Our round jaffle iron is shorter at 22" overall length (as opposed to 28" on our regular irons) which makes them easier to use on a bbq, gas stove or camping stove. The sandwich sizes are the same, it's just a shorter handle. The rods/handles also unscrew for storage and cleaning.

Jaffle Irons are our shorter handled Pie Irons that are inspired by the irons used in Australia, Indonesia & South Africa.

To use simply place two pieces of buttered bread in the clam shell style compartment and stuff with preserves, pie filling, cheese or meat. Close the lid and toast over the fire until done. 

Round Casting
Cast Iron construction
Casting measures 4 3/8" dia
Overall length of 22" (18" long rods/handles)
Includes recipes and use instructions. 
10 Year warranty
Item #1205 

An original design made by Rome - The specialist in around the campfire fun since 1964.

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