Rome's Pie Iron Storage Bag - Whoops Special with square pie iron
Rome's Pie Iron Storage Bag - Whoops Special with heart pie iron
Rome's Pie Iron Storage Bag - Whoops Special with heart pie iron packaging
Rome's Pie Iron Storage Bag - Whoops Special with single burger griller
Rome's Pie Iron Storage Bag - Whoops Special with double burger griller

Pie Iron Storage Bag - Whoops Special

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*** Promotion has ended
Our sewing mistake is your gain. We made some canvas storage bags for our double pie iron that came out just a bit too small for the double to fit. However, they're perfectly fine with our smaller pie irons. Until we run out, we're giving away a storage bag with the purchase of the following pie irons:

#1105 Square Jaffle Iron
#1205 Round Jaffle Iron
#1505 Single Burger Griller
#1540 Love Pie
#1525 Double Burger Griller
#1705 Square Pie Iron
#1805 Round Pie Iron

You'll receive a free bag with every unit. If you order 3 square pie irons, you'll receive 3 pie iron storage bags.

The "bad" storage bags measure 9"w x 7" ht and while they're a little roomy for the single pie irons, they will keep the grit and grime of cast iron cooking contained to inside the canvas bag. Metal buttons keep the bag closed and features a loop end for hanging. Silk screened Rome logo and graphics is a nice touch. 

9" x 7" (13" if measured with hanging loop)
weight: 3 oz
Item #1997DB2

An original design made by Rome - The specialist in around the campfire fun since 1964.

Customer Reviews

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Square Pie Iron and storage bags

I had purchased 3 Rome round cast iron pie irons from a local store. The pie iron handles were defective. I contacted Rome Industries customer services. The staff I worked with was extremely helpful in resolving my issue. At the time they were out of round pie irons to replace the defective ones. They sent me 3 square pie irons to replace the defective round ones. I am more than impressed with their customer service along with the pie irons. I was having a big get together so it was important that I received them in enough time to prepare (season) the pie irons. They shipped them right away and I received them in ample time. I would recommend Rome pie irons for anyone who enjoys outdoor cooking. After you season them they are easy to cook with and a snap to clean up. Great Product. I have several of their product and they work perfectly.

Great Product

I received a couple of these bags for pie irons i ordered. They are well worth the money. What i really like is they prevent soot from getting on my camping gear and in the vehicle after using my pie irons. These bags are well constructed out of a canvas material, it has a handle on top which makes it great for hanging my pie irons out of the way and a good button that keeps it snug on the iron.